Mr. Erskine is being cross-examined (so far) by Ms. Gray. His testimony in court:

  1. Is filled with “in my opinion”, “my view is”, “I believe”, “as I recall”, etc., and it was noticed Ms. Lawless read off the “evidence” for charges Mr. Erskine was making against Ms. Gray and Mr. Dyer, (she was, in effect “testifying”) with Mr. Erskine merely having to say “yes” or “no” (or some version of those responses) in answer.

NOTE: The 5 large binders presented by the AGC as “evidence”, in many cases, were missing relevant pages and in fact, a whole box of files from the higher “appellate courts”, crucial to the case. Ms. Gray and Ms. Dyer had to insist on that fifth box being presented into evidence-and it finally was-but on the second day of trial.

  1. In his deposition to Ms. Gray and Mr. Dyer, Mr. Erskine made statements in his deposition about what Ms. Gray and Mr. Dyer think (“you believe…”, (you said) “things that I felt were improper…”, “that’s suborning perjury”, “my suspicion is that you are protecting your “self-interest” as opposed to someone else’s First Amendment right…things like that…”, “that’s misconduct”, etc.).
  1. Mr. Erskine, also in his deposition, couldn’t remember the contents of the two letters he filed with the AGC against Ms. Gray and Mr. Dyer, but then went on in two continuous, fact-filled segments of 30 minutes and 22+ minutes each, to present the case against the two lawyers with dates, facts, meetings and names from the past three years, as if in a well-prepared, well-rehearsed speech.


  1. These efforts are being applied to keeping any referendum in Howard County-in fact in the State of Maryland-from EVER being considered in the future via the intimidation and threats of the collectors AND the signers (a violation of the First Amendment-“Free Speech”), along with ANY lawyer wanting to touch those referenda under threats of disbarment to those lawyers.

2.  Lawyers for those referenda, working for the rights of the voters to pursue free speech and their right to vote on the issue(s)-under the First Amendment of the Constitution-will be intimidated and threatened with disbarment-as is happening now with Ms. Gray and Mr. Dyer.

Thus, no referenda…no legal representation…no free speech…no issue(s) on to the ballot-EVER.

NOTE: In many of the pieces of evidence being presented in this trial against Ms. Gray and Mr. Dyer, the Attorney Grievance Commission presented 5 large binders with 200 pieces of evidence, where pages were missing or omitted Ms. Lawless wanted-the Court to have the contents entered under “judicial notice”- in effect, the evidence presented is “true” and construed as being as good as “certified”. Judge Silkworth wisely refused to do so, and from day 1 of the trial, has repeatedly asked Ms. Lawless to state specifics of the charges being made by the AGC against Ms. Gray and Mr. Dyer since even he, the judge, didn’t know what they were as of the fifth day of trial.

Ms. Lawless also is telling the Court that the trial may only go through 2 more days, since she might not request the Court of Appeals to extend the length of it---even though Ms. Gray and Mr. Dyer are still in cross-examination of Mr. Erskine and have yet to have the opportunity to present any witnesses in their defense.

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