Nearby Community Groups (more to be added)

North Laurel Civic Association (NLCA)

Bibi Perrotte-Foston, President   (

The North Laurel Civic Association meets at 7, the third Thursday of the month at the Community Center on Whiskey Bottom Rd in North Laurel. It has been the community's advocate on issues like trash collection, re-zoning, infrastructure, traffic, etc.


North Laurel residents say they are maneuvering to stop a proposed housing development called Deer Springs, on 40 acres near Bryant Avenue and Old Scaggsville Road. The Association says the development is too dense for their community, it would harm the environment, and lacks the infrastructure needed to avoid overwhelming local roads and schools. "It would look like a human zoo," said Bibi Perrotte-Foston, President of NLCA.



Savage Community Association (SCA)

Susan Garber, President    ( 


The Savage Community Association acts on behalf of the membership for the betterment of the community. It provides and supports civic and community activities. It has been in existence for at least 40 years.


"It's good to have folks attend however these public work sessions are for listening only. There is no opportunity for additional input. This is what I was told when I asked earlier in the week. The Savage Community's main rezoning concern was voted on at the last meeting. To our dismay the planning board voted unanimously to approve the high density development we are continuing to oppose." (Signed) Susan Garber, President of SCA  



Howard County Civic Association (HCCA)

Stu Kohn, President    ( 


HCCA Board Meetings are typically held on the 1st Wednesday of the month at 7PM at British American Auto Care, 9577 Berger Road, Columbia, MD. We encourage dues-paying members to attend, and we hold a "member speak-out" at the start of each meeting.  


Our purpose is to bring residents together to express views, take joint action, and encourage participation in County affairs. HCCA has participated in the formulation of all Howard County General Plans including the original planning of Columbia. We have also participated in the work of the APFO Task Force as well as the 2000 County General Plan and HowardPlan2030. The HCCA has testified before county boards and elected officials through the years on all the major land use matters and educational matters as well.



Clarksville Civic Association (CCA) 


Alan J. Schneider, President   (



Clarksville Maryland 21029 



Scaggsville/Rocky Gorge/Hammond




There is no official organization. But Christine Bulbul is a person who knows what's what in that area. (


Scaggsville is an unincorporated community near the southeastern tip of Howard County, between Laurel and Fulton. It mainly consists of residences, with some commercial establishments. Scaggsville is generally assigned to Laurel, though the town formerly had its own post office. Residents of the Washington, DC area, as well as weather maps at sites like, sometimes refer to the area of Scaggsville adjacent to the Howard and Prince George's County border as "North Laurel", after the larger Maryland city that borders it to the south.




Deer Springs/High Ridge (under auspices of NLCA) 


A group of North Laurel residents say they are maneuvering to stop a proposed housing development on a swath of land in their community. The development, called Deer Springs, would be built along 40 acres of land at the intersection of Bryant Avenue and Old Scaggsville Road, and along High Ridge Road to the south. The plans call for as many as 140 homes, including 42 townhomes, to be built along the property. The site does not currently have a developer. But preliminary plans for the site are expected to be submitted to the Howard County Planning and Zoning Department by June, said Joseph Rutter, hired by the owner to design a site plan for the property.




Voters For Common Sense Growth (VCSG)

Christine Pereira, President    (

Starting in mid-March, people from Fulton and nearby communities (Rocky Gorge/Scaggsville/Hammond; North Laurel; Beaufort Park; Highland, etc.) were contacted about the Iager parcel-113, (91.25 acres at Route 216 and Murphy Road) which was requested to be put into the PSA and RA-15 rezoning from RR-DEO to be applied. (That would be about 20 to 30 Single Family Dwellings in RR-DEO, vs 15 units per acre (as apartments and townhouses) or 1365 units.)

With less than 10 days notice to the first hearing on April 8, 2013, a website was formed, an online petition was initiated, a bank account and P.O. Box was soon obtained; a video made and the VCSG was garnering support. Flyers (4000) were mailed to select addresses around Fulton and Laurel; a Rally was held by the water tower across from the Fulton school campus (June 1); and emails were being sent out and meetings with the County Council and DPZ were made.

VCSG members attended just about all the meetings held by the County, and the Fulton area County Council member, Greg Fox has introduced an amendment to take the Iager parcel out of the PSA. Meanwhile, other options of removing the parcel from the PSA are being considered in the interim until the Council decides what to do with this parcel.