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Ellicott City
Planning Board Meeting 7PM

Community, Meeting, Ten Oaks Ballroom, 7 PM
Ellicott City
DPZ Presentation to Council, 7:30 PM

YOU MUST SEE this website about events surrounding the MAJOR mulch/compost operations Robert Orndorff-Chairman, Board of Directors of Sandy Spring Bank-is trying to establish in Dayton.

Legal Activity in pursuit of the referendum on the November 4th ballot

FixHoCo continued to oppose and counter attempts to dismiss their cases, and brought them to the Maryland Court of Appeals. The fight is ongoing and they are NOT stopping. This organization is obviously letting the "opposition" know it.

The Court of Appeals returned their cases back to Howard County (government, circuit court), so they have stepped up the intensity and determination to accomplish the referendum the citizens demand.

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To see another group's site click below to go to "Rescue Howard County" -- a group with concerns about the county as a whole.

Latest Dayton Developments

The Planning Board meeting at the George Howard Building in Ellicott City will be on Thursday, April 17, at 7 PM.

There will be a large community meeting at Ten Oaks Ballroom in Clarksville on April 28 at 7 PM. Attending will be over 500 concerned citizens countywide to stop the major mulch/composting operation planned for Dayton. Greg Fox and Allan Kittleman will also attend. With Marsha McLaughlin saying it's a "done deal", the County has implemented TOD zoning along Route 1.

This is a nose-under-the-tent tactic to infiltrate this industry into rural areas, creating a safety hazard on the roads, especially for children, and major harm to the environment.

On May 19th let's fill the George Howard Building in E.C. when the DPZ will present information for the County Council to vote on this about this mulch/compost "project"
This is an election year and numbers count! Please come on April 17th in Eliccott City, and on April 28th in Clarksville and May 19th to be certain the Council denies this debacle by voting it down

Mr. Orndorff says "up to 30" 18-wheelers (heavy highway trucks) will be sent per day. The company owns about 100. Nightly excursions by these trucks into the area is an ongoing experiment to show citizens that noise and congestion will seem to be "minimal".

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